Everything you need to know about barbecue, straight from Brother Bear.

Barbecuing is not grilling.
Put a guy in a goofy apron, have him cook a burger using a propane or charcoal-fired grill, and he’ll swear he’s a barbecue chef. Not true. Genuine barbecue requires slow-cooking meat indirectly with wood using very low heat – the way Brother Bear has perfected. The longer and slower…the better.

It’s all in the wood.
The best barbecue is prepared using the finest hickory, oak and apple wood – and an old-time stick burner. If you want to try the best, check out some of Brother Bear’s freshly cooked delicacies today.

Meat matters.
We partner with one of the area’s most renowned Amish butchers to get all of our fresh, wholesome meats…without a touch of preservatives. Once you taste it, you will only insist on these high-quality ingredients.

What’s in a name?
Some experts claim that the term “barbecue” may have come from the West Indian word “barbacoa,” which describes cooking meat over hot coals. Others insist that it comes from the French phrase “barbe a queue,” which means “from head to tail.” Whatever its origin, Brother Bear brings you the finest selection around.

Back in the saddle.
Cowboys in the Old West were among the first American barbecue chefs. They discovered that even the toughest cut of meat became super tasty and moist when cooked slowly for several hours. Today, Brother Bear brings you the most delicious brand of barbecue around – featuring an amazing selection of wholesome, hormone-free delicacies.

Hit the sauce.
The original barbecue sauce dates back hundreds of years – and it was made from just vinegar and pepper. By the 1700s, mustard sauce became popular in South Carolina. Today, there are as many types of sauces as there are tastes, from tart to sweet, from spicy to savory. At Brother Bear, we make our own Bear’s Choice BBQ Sauce – using a top-secret recipe and superb ingredients. People can’t seem to get enough of it. Pick up a pint or a quart today!

Go bananas.
Pineapples, bananas, peaches, nectarines, plums, mangos, pears and papayas all taste unbelievable when properly grilled. Grilling caramelizes the natural sugars in fruit, creating a softer texture, richer flavor and more concentrated aroma. And fruit can be a wonderful alternative to vegetables. Check out Brother Bear’s seasonal selection of fruits and other goodies – a great idea for your next party!